Is Your Credit Score Meaningless?

Have you ever paid to receive your credit score?

It’s only natural that you’d want to see what your credit score is before you buy a house, car or another big purchase.

Studies from Consumer Reports and the federal government, however, call into question whether you should even bother.


Where Teens Are Learning the Basics of Personal Finance

We would never let a teenager drive a car without getting training, but we allow young people to borrow money for college, obtain credit cards and invest their money with little or no financial training.

Surveys have repeatedly shown that teenagers possess very little knowledge about personal finance. You can blame some of the financial illiteracy problem on high schools.

Should You Trust A Retirement Adviser?

If you are getting close to retirement, you will have to figure out how you’re going to stretch your nest egg as far as possible.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable tackling this retirement challenge on your own, but who should help you with this complicated decision?