In the November 11, 2016 publication, Dowling & Yahnke was listed as #25 on Forbes’ “100 Fastest Growing RIA Firms Over Ten Years.”

Forbes:  100 Fastest Growing RIA Firms Over Ten Years

Forbes disclosures:  To be considered for our ranking, each firm must be a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the SEC, provide wealth management services and serve individual clients as a primary focus.  Broker/dealers, hedge funds, those managing large funds and firms with disciplinary disclosures were excluded.  As the RIA market changes and grows, RIA Channel continues to adapt its criteria to the current environment.
These firms are leading because of their independence, their commitment to their clients and their ability to grow through a decade of market challenges and rewards.
RIA Channel and RIA Database are independently owned firms, and are not compensated by the media, investment banking firms, asset managers or financial advisors.
Additional disclosures:  Dowling & Yahnke did not apply for the listing.  It is unknown as to the number of firms considered for the ranking and the percentage that made the ranking.  The information for the ranking was compiled by Forbes.  The award should not been viewed as representative of any one client’s experience and should not be taken as an indication of performance by Dowling & Yahnke and any of its clients.  While Dowling & Yahnke did not pay a fee to apply for the award, the firm may purchase goods or services from the publisher of the award (such as subscriptions to the publication). 
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