Protecting Your House from Disasters

The recent wildfires that swept through San Diego County and destroyed at least 65 homes can serve as a wake-up call to the rest of us to be prepared if and when a natural disaster strikes. To protect against worst-case scenarios, it’s important to make sure that your house and personal property are covered by the right kind of insurance and that you know where your key documents are. Here is a checklist that can help you prepare for a disaster:

The "Heartbleed" Bug and Internet Security

You may have recently read in the news about the Heartbleed bug. We want you to be aware of the Heartbleed bug and actions that may be necessary to secure your data.

What is the Heartbleed Bug?
Heartbleed is a flaw in the open-source encryption standard used by a majority of websites that transmit secure data. Encryption works by making data look like nonsense to anyone but the intended recipient.

The New Rules for Mortgage Shoppers

If you plan to buy a house this year, you should know about the new federal mortgage rules that have made it more difficult to overborrow.

The new regulations, which will impact both home buyers and lenders, are intended to prevent the type of housing meltdown that fueled the nation’s descent into recession several years ago.

Is Your Credit Score Meaningless?

Have you ever paid to receive your credit score?

It’s only natural that you’d want to see what your credit score is before you buy a house, car or another big purchase.

Studies from Consumer Reports and the federal government, however, call into question whether you should even bother.