Six Ways to Start the Money Talk with Your Parents

One of the most difficult conversations that grown children can have with their parents is a discussion about mom and dad’s finances. daughter talking to elderly mother

Having the talk is critical for many reasons including these three;

  • Grown children should know about parental estate plans.

  • Children need to know if they will have to support their parents in the future.

How You Spend Your Money Can Make You Happier

What will make you happier?piggy-bank-at-the-beach

Buying stuff or spending money on experiences?

It’s become conventional wisdom that consumers are happier when they spend their money on experiences rather than material things. For instance, many people will feel better about eating at a restaurant rather than buying a new teapot from Amazon.

Seven Things Newlyweds Can Do to Avoid Arguing Over Money

A significant factor in marital success is how couples handle their financial lives. In fact financial discord could be the biggest marriage warning sign, according to a study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University.

"Arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce," said Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University researcher and program director of its personal financial planning program. "It's not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It's money -- for both men and women."