If You’ve Taken a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) This Year – an Important Deadline is Looming

If you took required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts this year and would like to return the money, you can.senior man leaning back in chair thinking about retirement savings

You don’t have much time left, however, to put the cash back. You must recontribute to your retirement account by August 31, 2020.

A Year After Tax Reform: Using Roth Conversions Strategically

Following a turbulent end to 2018, financial markets are off to a fast start in 2019.  The U.S. stock market has recouped its December losses with both large and small company stocks making sizeable gains. Foreign stocks rose over 10% in the first quarter but are still clawing their way back from a lackluster 2018.  Quietly, bonds had a stellar quarter (considering the low interest rate environment of the last decade), notching their highest quarterly return since early 2016.