Stock Market Volatility: Finding Opportunity Amidst the Noise

Following a strong finish to 2015, financial markets took investors on a harrowing ride during the first quarter of 2016.  After losing 11% of its value in the first six weeks of the year (through February 11th), the S&P 500 Index reversed course and finished the quarter in positive territory.  This volatility, which began affecting markets in the second half of 2015, can be attributed to numerous economic and geopolitical developments across both domestic and foreign markets.  China's currency devaluation, falling oil prices, and uncertainty over the Federal Reserve's plan t

Putting High-Frequency Trading into Perspective

Who would have thought, amidst a relatively quiet quarter-end, that the splashiest market news would come from the launch of a book tour? As Michael Lewis promoted his book Flash Boys on CBS “60 Minutes,” he called for a major overhaul to our stock exchanges. His aim is to combat what he believes is a rigged U.S. stock market, brought to us by high frequency traders.

Erasing a Broker’s Black Marks

Americans searching for reputable financial professionals should always check to see if an advisor has black marks on their public records.

Investors who want to do their due diligence on a stockbroker, however, could find nothing amiss even if the broker has been the subject of many claims. That’s because brokers who have encountered claims are routinely getting their cases expunged from the public records.