Mitigating Risk: How Bonds Play a Crucial Role in Your Portfolio

Global equities had mixed performance in the third quarter with large U.S. stocks inching higher and small U.S. stocks falling 2.4%. Foreign stocks struggled in the face of trade negotiations and ongoing tariff disputes. Real estate was a strong performing asset class, rising nearly 6% as interest rates declined, reducing financing costs. As has been the case for much of the year, political headlines remained prominent in the U.S. news cycle as the 2020 presidential election looms on the horizon and an impeachment inquiry got underway.

5 Keys to Successful Investing

Anyone that invests wants to do so successfully.  There are many books written on the subject, and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on services that promise the best stocks for one’s portfolio.  Wherever one looks, there’s no shortage of hot stock tips or trading strategies that promise to get rich.  But, the process of successful investing isn’t hard if keeping these five key concepts in mind.  

How Lifestyle Inflation Is Affecting Your Savings

You may have heard the phrase “lifestyle inflation,” or seen articles about families making well over six figure incomes and still living paycheck to paycheck.  This phenomenon is also known as “lifestyle creep” and refers to the tendency to let spending rise as income rises.

Dowling & Yahnke’s Grant Webster Published in Forbes, “What Should You Do When The Dow Hits 20,000?”

“The Dow Jones industrial average failed yet again last week to clear the magic 20,000 mark, but it will someday. Grant Webster, a portfolio manager with Dowling & Yahnke in San Diego, tells us how to invest in a record-level stock market.”

Decision Day 2016: The Day After

As you most certainly know by now, Donald Trump scored a stunning upset in the 2016 presidential race, defeating the favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  For the second time in five months (the first being Brexit), global investors were caught flat-footed by the outcome of a major political election in which most media outlets and pundits had predicted the opposite result.  As fear and uncertainty caused uneasiness for investors, U.S. stock market futures dropped significantly on election night.  However, after Trump’s acceptance speech, U.S.

Does the Stock Market Care Which Presidential Candidate Wins?

Since our firm was founded in 1991, we have experienced eight unique election cycles and four (soon to be five) different U.S. presidents.  As we approach the November 8th presidential election, many investors may be feeling anxious about the outcome of the vote and any potential effect it may have on the stock market. As the media continues to produce headlines and forecasts designed to invoke fear, we provide some perspective on this important topic.

What Should You Do When Markets Hit New Highs?

2016 began with a bang (in a bad way) — with the stock market falling in a hurry. In fact, it was the worst 10 day start to a calendar year in history. From the beginning of the year to January 15th, the U.S. stock market (as measured by the S&P 500 Index) had dropped over 8%.  The S&P 500 hit its low for 2016 on February 11th, 6 closing at 1829.08, a decline in excess of 10.5% for the year.