Staying Home? You Can Still Explore, Move, Learn, and Create

As we practice social distancing to help combat the coronavirus, many of us are staying home right now. Fortunately, there are numerous free resources circling our communities to help keep our routine or even virtually explore more than we usually do.

Making Lemonade: Top 10 Opportunities When Markets are Down

One cannot overstate that these are very challenging times – emotionally and financially. As we all prioritize our lives under this new normal, it can be helpful to remember that there is a silver lining to every cloud.

A History of Market Ups and Downs

For the third day this week, we have seen significant volatility in the markets. Yesterday, the S&P 500 closed at 2,741.38, which places it close to a bear market, defined as a 20% drop from a recent high.

Coronavirus, Oil Prices, and an (Almost) Bear Market in Stocks

Eleven years ago, on March 9, 2009, the U.S. stock market reached its low point of the Global Financial Crisis. That dark day marked the beginning of an extended bull market that took the S&P 500 Index from 676.53 to 3,386.15 on February 19, 2020 – a 401% increase.

SECURE Act: Six Ways to Preserve the Stretch

elderly parents looking at iPad with adult childThe newly passed SECURE Act changes the rules on IRAs and other retirement plans.

Coronavirus Hits the Stock Market: Now What?

worried man looking at phoneStock markets worldwide have declined sharply this week as investors grapple with the ongoing spread o

How to Retire Without the Burden of a Mortgage

More Americans are retiring with a made of money

The SECURE Act of 2019: Significant Changes That May Impact Your Retirement Planning

Happy New Year — and welcome to the new decade! We hope that you had a joyous holiday season surrounded by friends and family.

2020 Tax Brackets and How Much You Can Save for Retirement

If you want to stash away more money for retirement in 2020, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced that the contribution limits for some popular retirement accounts have increased.april 15 tax day calendar

Biggest Take-Aways from The SECURE Act and How It Could Affect Retirees

Formally named the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019, the SECURE Act was passed by Congress and could be signed into law very soon.