If You’ve Taken a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) This Year – an Important Deadline is Looming

If you took required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts this year and would like to return the money, you can.senior man leaning back in chair thinking about retirement savings

How D&Y Steers Portfolios Through Turbulent Markets

The turbulent first half of 2020 will be remembered for years to come. As we continue to navigate through a global pandemic, the economic and financial implications evolve daily as individuals, families, businesses, investors, and governments across the world adapt to our new reality.

A Message from Dale Yahnke

When I co-founded Dowling & Yahnke 29 years ago, I did so with the belief that we should do right by our clients, our employees, and our community. The senseless killing of George Floyd is a poignant and tragic reminder of the racial injustices and discrimination that persist to this day.

Six Ways the CARES Act May Impact Your Student Loans

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Seven Tips for Financial Spring Cleaning

With the current amount of extra time in our daily lives, we find ourselves creating “to do” lists. Many of us, for example, have taken on the daunting task of reorganizing our garage or cleaning out the clutter in our closets.

Planning for Retirement in an Uncertain World

retired couple photographing flowersIf you are newly retired or approaching retirement, you should be proud of your accomplishments!

Video Update from D&Y’s CEO and President: The Pandemic and Investment Discipline In Times of Extreme Market Unrest

During these uncertain times, we understand anxiety may be running high. We are here to let you know that, as our client, we have your back. We are with you to help navigate through these turbulent times.

Seven Ways to Give Back During the Coronavirus Outbreak

These are strange times, and it can be easy to get caught in the swirl of negative headlines. Our emotional rollercoaster can be compounded by the isolation many of us feel as we are practicing good social distancing.

Warning Signs of a College Closing Its Doors Permanently

Many of the colleges and universities that provide the best merit scholarships are institutions that aren’t widely known.girl graduate with grandmother

Maintaining Investment Discipline When Markets are Volatile and Scary

“I became a disciplined investor over 40 years. The virus broke me in 40 days. I’ve survived — and even prospered through — four stock market crashes.