Coronavirus Hits the Stock Market: Now What?

worried man looking at phoneStock markets worldwide have declined sharply this week as investors grapple with the ongoing spread o

Decision Day 2016: The Day After

As you most certainly know by now, Donald Trump scored a stunning upset in the 2016 presidential race, defeating the favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  For the second time in five months (the first being Brexit), global investors were caught flat-footed by the outcome of a major politic

Don’t Be an Investing Homebody

Stock share

States With the Greatest Tax Pain

As tax season approaches, here is a bit of good news from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation:  State and local taxes, as a percentage of Americans’ income, have decreased across the country.

Tax Update for 2016

The new year always brings

A New Look at Retirement

Conventional wisdom suggests that the massive switch from pensions to do-it-yourself workplace retirement plans over recent decades ha

Should You Retire Abroad?

There are many reasons why some Americans want to live abroad when they retire.

Taming Your Summer Utility Bills

Here are six ways to remain cool for the rest of the summer and simultaneously reduce your utility bills

A Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

At the risk of stating the obvious, it has been a wild couple weeks for the stock market. Since August 17th, U.S. Large Cap stocks have declined by nine percent, wiping out all year-to-date gains. Foreign equities, especially those of emerging markets, have been hit even harder.

How Volatile Is the Market?

The stock market has been spooking investors lately. And it’s no wonder.