Celebrating 25 Years of Service to Our Clients

At the tail end of what had been a relatively quiet quarter, global stock markets suffered a sharp two-day sell-off following the surprise vote on June 23rd by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union.  Despite the dire predictions made immediately after the vote, the decline was

An Important Factor in Cutting College Costs

Graduation studentsWhen parents save for college, they assume that they will need to cover four years

Saving for College: Account Ownership

There are two main ways that today’s families save for college costs: one is the 529 savings plan, and the other is through a custodial account, typically an UTMA account (Uniform Transfer to Minors Account.) In the past, clients may have used Uniform Gift to Minors Accounts (UGMAs) but most cust

Stock Market Volatility: Finding Opportunity Amidst the Noise

Following a strong finish to 2015, financial markets took investors on a harrowing ride during the first quarter of 2016.  After losing 11% of its value in the first six weeks of the year (through February 11th), the S&P 500 Index reversed course and finished the quarter in positiv

Two Important Social Security Strategies Disappearing

Two ways to optimize Social Security benefits, known as “file and suspend” and “restricted application,” were eliminated for most pre-retire

Starting the Year With a Crazy Financial Resolution

It’s a brand new year to create new habits.

Financial Resolutions for 2016

The Fed’s Interest Rate Increase: Impact and Implications

Eight Ways to Survive a Divorce

Divorce can do much more than officially shred a marriage certificate.

Buying a House Just Got Easier

Wading through paperwork when buying a house has just gotten easier.