The 2016 Election: The Pitfalls of Market Timing

Despite a tumultuous political environment, patient investors were rewarded in 2016 with healthy stock market gains in numerous asset classes.  The S&P 500 Index of large U.S. stocks turned in a 12.0% return for the year, its eighth consecutive year of positive returns.  Small U.S.

Tips for Giving Back this Holiday Season

There are many worthy causes to support as well as a number of ways to support them. If you’d like to give to charity this year, now is a good time to think about where you’d like to make an impact with your donations. 

The Hidden Financial Cost of Child Care

Sixty-five percent of couples raising children under the age of five are in the workforce. This creates a huge expense for many parents who often must grapple with child care bills.

1991-What a Year It Was!

In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dowling & Yahnke, here’s a look back to what else happened that year here in the U.S.:

Chasing Yield: A Seductive Yet Dangerous Game For Investors

This quarter’s newsletter outlines our views on "chasing yield" (i.e., investing in securities primarily based on their income yield) and the risks inherent in this strategy.  We highlight some notable instances in the past decade when reaching for yield has hurt investors, as well as some common misconceptions about high-yielding investments.

Passing On Your Financial Values to the Next Generation

As you may already know, the Baby Boom generation will pass $30 trillion on to the next generation. This financial legacy carries with it the expectation that the assets will be used in a manner that reflects the values of the givers.  Baby boomers, like other generations, have a broad range of beliefs and attitudes about money that are demonstrated in the way they spend and save it.  

Are You Caught in the Middle?

Many clients today are caught in the “sandwich generation” where they are caring for elderly parents as well as their children. An important thing for these caregivers to remember is to care for themselves! As in the safety discussion on an airplane, you put on your own oxygen mask first. You can’t help anyone else when you don’t have enough oxygen yourself.

Protecting Yourself Financially During a Divorce

When a marriage ends in divorce the finances of the former spouses will often take a hit.

Making mistakes during the breakup can make the financial penalty for divorcing even worse.  Here are eight common mistakes to avoid when married couples part ways:

Politics and Your Portfolio

At a time when political issues are front and center, what is the best way to approach investing? Should you make changes to your portfolio to minimize political risk?

Celebrating 25 Years of Service to Our Clients

At the tail end of what had been a relatively quiet quarter, global stock markets suffered a sharp two-day sell-off following the surprise vote on June 23rd by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union.  Despite the dire predictions made immediately after the vote, the decline was