Strategies for College Grads with Soft Majors

Here are four tips that will help graduates to become much more marketable and give them an earnings boost if they choose a soft major.

12 Tips for a Great Vacation

With the summer travel season upon us, here are 12 tips to make your vacation a memorable one.

A Year After Tax Reform: Using Roth Conversions Strategically

Following a turbulent end to 2018, financial markets are off to a fast start in 2019.  The U.S. stock market has recouped its December losses with both large and small company stocks making sizeable gains. Foreign stocks rose over 10% in the first quarter but are still clawing their way back from a lackluster 2018.  Quietly, bonds had a stellar quarter (considering the low interest rate environment of the last decade), notching their highest quarterly return since early 2016.  

Six Things You Need to Know About the College Admission Process

The college admission scandal that hit the press recently generated a tremendous amount of outrage, as well as endless questions about the entire college process.

Consider This When “Treating Yourself”

There is a lot of advice out there that suggests what you should do with a financial windfall.

Extra money could come from a tax refund, a workplace bonus, or an inheritance.

Stock Market Volatility Is Back: How Should Long-Term Investors React?

The Slipping Reality of Home Ownership

Home ownership has long been part of the American Dream, but it’s become an unattainable luxury for a growing number of Americans.

Answers to Seven Common Social Security Questions

Here are answers to seven common questions that the Social Security Administration receives about the retirement benefit program.

Has Someone Stolen Your Child’s Identity?

We’ve all heard horror stories about consumers who have had their credit information stolen and the incredible hassle of undoing the mess.

But what you probably don’t know is that children can be the victims of identity theft too.  In fact, identity theft that targets youngsters has been on the rise.